Those with dementia experience brain loss abilities and a decrease in cognitive function. This disease affects memory, behavior, communication, the ability to focus, and the thinking process.  There is no cure for dementia and its progression will increase over time.  Many seniors with dementia will require a full-time caregiver.

As a whole new range of emotions break down your loved one, you will become more and more concerned for their well-being.  Seniors living with dementia continually feel anxiety, depression, and they tend to withdraw from social activities, creating a sense of loneliness and isolation.  Things a person used to do on a daily basis become a challenge.  Hiring home health care services is a great way to help your loved one overcome these challenges.

In-home care services can range from a few hours a week, or it can be live-in help.  This will depend on the needs of your loved one, the tasks you would like help with, and how much you can afford to spend.

When hiring an in-home care provider, be sure to make your expectations clear.  Making sure they know exactly what tasks they are required to perform will allow less room for misunderstandings to occur.

Whether hiring privately or through an agency, do a complete background or make sure the agency has looked into their qualifications.  Check with references to get feedback on the services they provided previously.

Ask about their experience in dealing with people suffering with dementia.  You want a person with good basic knowledge and someone who is ethical and compassionate as well.  A caregiver must be of good temperament to effectively provide quality care to the ever changing range of emotions.

Medicare sometimes cover the cost of certain in-home health care services.  A patient who is homebound and requires a skilled professional to perform care necessary for treatment may very well meet the criteria.

We want our loved ones to be as comfortable as they can be while going through the stages of dementia.  The main concern should be the safety and well-being of our loved one.  There may come a time when if we choose to have our loved one remain at home, that around the clock care will be necessary.  If the home becomes unsafe or they are able to wander away too easily, it may be time to consider moving to a facility that specializes in dementia care.

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