It may be still the beginning of winter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start thinking about spring and all of the wonderful things that could be done with a garden. If you’re providing any type of senior care, whether to a loved one or as part of your job, then this could be a great activity that you could do with the elderly patient.

You might be thinking, but the senior that I’m caring for has never had a garden.  I don’t think that she would even be interested.

Well, have you asked her or him?  Have you tried to find out if he or she has any interest in being outdoors when the weather turns warm, and the sun gets higher in the sky?  We tend to think about gardening (at least those of us who might have much experience with it, or even a certain type of experience) as being hard, physical work, but that doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to your garden (or, more appropriately, the senior’s garden).

One of the most important aspects about providing any type of senior health care services is to make sure that you respect the senior, and don’t try to overstep your boundaries with him or her.  Don’t assume that he or she would or wouldn’t be interested in gardening.  It doesn’t have to be (or even mean, per se) a vegetable garden. A garden could consist of flowers.

Sit down and mention the idea of planting a garden with them this spring.  They might warm up to the idea right away or they may seem indifferent.  If you can’t tell whether they have any interest, then ask them if it’s something they wouldn’t mind trying, at least.  If they have absolutely no interest, then drop the subject, and respect their wishes.  However, if they have some interest, you can begin by finding out what type of garden they would like.

Where do they think would be the best place to have this garden, especially if there hasn’t been a garden on their property before?  You want to make sure it will get the maximum exposure to the sun.  This can take several days or even weeks to plan out. When you’re planning this garden as part of senior care, you should also talk about supplies, including any soil, tools, stakes, and anything else that you might need to make this garden a reality.

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