(A story)

Neil didn’t know what to do when his father was diagnosed with cancer.  He just wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear for a while, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen.  Like his father, he was going to have to deal with this diagnosis, and the fight that lay ahead.  One of the first things that he wanted to know, however, was how senior care for cancer patients would differ from any other type of basic home care.

The first significant difference was that since his father wanted to fight this battle from the comfort of his home, which meant that he was going to require access to certain medical equipment in his home.  A general home care aide couldn’t provide this; it would require professionals with the certification and training, such as registered nurses.

His doctor also recommended that he get physical therapy during his fight because the way that the chemotherapy and radiation treatment would affect him, it was going to be important to keep his body in shape and his muscles toned.

Another issue that Neil and his father were going to have to deal with was making sure that his father would be able to have the right supplies, including food.  There were going to be days when he wouldn’t be able to go out on his own, for example riding on a bus or otherwise, and that meant that he may require the help of an aide who would be able to run errands for him as well.

Finally, his father might find that emotionally, this fight against cancer would be tougher than he thought that it might also require some form of social work.  These were some of the more significant differences that Neil discovered when it comes to senior care for cancer patients, as opposed to patients who require senior home services for other reasons.

Once he was armed with this basic information, he knew that he had to find the right agency that would be able to fill these needs.  In the beginning, he thought about hiring a private caregiver, but with so many requirements that his father had he would need to find an agency that could offer the level of care that was needed during this time.

Neil found the perfect agency within his father’s community and they had the resources and the experience to provide him with the best level of care possible throughout this battle against cancer.

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