If your senior parent or loved one receives their elder care at home, you may worry if they are getting enough exercise or activity in their life, which is a valid concern. Exercise is important and we want our seniors to remain healthy and mobile so that they can age in place at home for as long, and as safely as possible.


Homecare in Pearland TX: Keep Your Senior Active

Homecare in Pearland TX: Keep Your Senior Active


If your senior tends to shy from doing new activities or doesn’t like to attend events alone, consider tagging along with them. It will both encourage them to be active and also create opportunities for you to make memories and bond with them in ways you might not have been able to do before.



Keeping your senior active means finding ways that they can get out of the house and do things that they enjoy. There are many local community organizations that can use the help of volunteers, so find one that fits the needs of your senior parent or loved one and help them get started. They will meet people, engage with the community, and be less isolated when they have a reason to get out of the house.



If your senior likes music or dancing, find out what kind of classes are available and encourage your senior to try it. Dancing is great for the body and mind and is another social activity that your senior is sure to appreciate, especially if they are receiving elder care at home.


Take an exercise class

There are classes that are specifically geared for seniors such as aerobics, yoga, and even water-based classes that are done in a pool. Call your local gym or community center to ask about which classes would be suitable for your senior.


Hire help

If time is an issue for you, consider hiring the help of professional caregivers who can take your senior for walks or help them run errands. They will enjoy the company and you can be assured that they will have someone both reminding them and motivating them to stay active. Caregivers can also help with other elder care services such as meal prep, light cleaning, and more!


Get a pet

A furry friend such as a dog can be another way to keep your senior active if they can handle the other responsibilities that come with pet ownership, such as feeding, health maintenance, and the financial obligation.


Use technology

Smart devices such as watches and pedometers have come a long way and may encourage your senior to get moving.

Don’t let the everyday duties of eldercare keep your senior alone and isolated. Do a little homework by finding out what they like to do and ask around to find something that they will both be motivated to try and something that will keep them moving.

Your senior just might find more than they were looking for, where friends, exercise, and social commitments combine to get them out of the house and making the most of their lives!


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