Your dad cannot live alone. He’s okay at night, but he needs support during the day. But, he doesn’t cook so he’s losing weight. He forgets to take his medications and is often skipping them and doubling doses in hopes of making up for the missed dose. He no longer drives and needs someone to drive him around.


Caregiver El Lago TX: Living With Senior

Caregiver El Lago TX: Living With Senior


After holding a family meeting, everyone thinks it’s best if someone moves in with him. Your siblings own homes and you rent. It’s looking like you’ll be the one to make the move. Is that the best idea? What happens if you can’t stand living under his roof?


It’s Not an Easy Choice

After years of living on your own, moving back into a parent’s house is hard. He’ll have rules and ways of doing things that he expects you to follow. You’re an adult with your own rules and preferences, and they conflict with your dad.

If you can’t agree to combine rules and have some give and take, disagreements are bound to happen. This can make it impossible to feel comfortable in your new home. You have to think about that.


Are You Prepared to Give Up Your Freedom?

If you do move in with your dad, you need to think a couple of things over. First, would he allow you to have your friends over as you choose? If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, would you be able to or be comfortable with having that friend spend the night? Moving in with your dad could impact your relationship.

You’ll be the caregiver when you’re home. That’s a lot of responsibility, and it’s not a responsibility everyone is comfortable with. If you’re not sure you’re capable of the care your dad needs, it’s okay to speak up.


What Happens if He Has to Be Moved

If your dad had a stroke and needed to go into a rehabilitation center for months or years, could you still stay in his house? What if he can’t ever return to that house because it’s not set up for a wheelchair?

Where would you go? Are you going to have to rush to find new housing or could you stay in his home? If he has a reverse mortgage and is no longer living in his home, rules likely state that you need to move out and the house goes up for sale.


Home Care Services Ease Worries

Home care services make everyone happy. Your dad has the help that’s needed, and you don’t have to adapt your life to fit his changing needs. Talk to a home care agency about the many benefits of caregivers. Don’t wait until care is urgent. Call now.


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