Home Care near Clear Lake City TX area – 5 Tips for Balancing Work and Caregiving

Working caregivers are all over the nation. Some manage to work full-time from their home while caregiving full-time. Others hold down full or part-time jobs while caregiving. Your situation isn’t much different from hundreds of others. It’s impossible to be at work and with your parents at the same time, yet you often feel like […]

Elderly Care Houston TX: How to Include Fruits and Veggies in a Senior’s Diet!

It might feel a lot like role reversal.  When you were young your mom was always telling you to eat your vegetables.  Now you feel like she should be eating more of them to maintain a healthy diet.  You might be right.  It’s estimated that less than 15% of American adults do not eat enough […]

A Caregiver’s suggestion near Clear Lake Shores TX area – Age and Diet

If you aren’t sure what types of food your elderly loved one should be eating, you’re not alone.  Also, should they be taking supplements?  There are some eating and digestion difficulties that can crop up in the later years, so they should definitely be taken into account. You and your parent’s home care provider can […]

Dizziness, Loss of Balance and Home Care Services near Taylor Lake TX!

Seniors tend to get balance problems and dizziness more frequently than younger people.   And when you have dizziness and loss of balance, it can be very dangerous for you especially if you are older.  Having dizziness can cause a fall or other potential injures; it can also indicate other medical issues, which may be present. […]

Elder Care near Seabrook TX: The Services You Need!

Elderly home care is provided to give you a high level of quality care for your loved one. They make your life run smoother and give you a feeling of relief because they are someone you can trust and depend on.  Caregivers are carefully screened and only the very best people are available for you […]

Senior Care in Nassau Bay TX for Cancer Patients: How Does it Differ?

(A story) Neil didn’t know what to do when his father was diagnosed with cancer.  He just wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear for a while, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen.  Like his father, he was going to have to deal with this diagnosis, and the fight that lay ahead. […]

Dealing with a Loved One Who Refuses to Talk about Elderly Care in El Largo TX!

(A story) One thing that people often accuse me of being is stubborn.  I try not to be hard headed, but it’s just always been a character trait of my family.  My father was the same way and I think it rubbed off on my mother through the years.  My mother was a strong woman, […]

Should You Get the Flu Shot if You’re a Caregiver in Alvin TX?

As a caregiver, you will be spending a lot of time with someone who has a weak immune system.  Whether you are caring for a person with a terminal illness, a person with cancer, or an elderly parent, the flu can be very dangerous for these people. Getting the flu shot is one of the […]

Senior Care near Pearland TX: Plan a Garden during Winter Adventure

It may be still the beginning of winter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start thinking about spring and all of the wonderful things that could be done with a garden. If you’re providing any type of senior care, whether to a loved one or as part of your job, then this could be […]

Things to Consider when Hiring Home Care Services near Friendswood TX for a Loved One with Dementia!

Those with dementia experience brain loss abilities and a decrease in cognitive function. This disease affects memory, behavior, communication, the ability to focus, and the thinking process.  There is no cure for dementia and its progression will increase over time.  Many seniors with dementia will require a full-time caregiver. As a whole new range of […]